Use the links below to learn more about my RetirementGuard process.  The first slide, "Guiding Principles", speaks of my fundamental core values that govern how I run my practice.  If integrity, character, accountability, passion and experience are important to you, you've come to the right place.  "Four Step Process" gives an overview of my approach to systematically managing your financial affairs.  The next four slides, "Roadmap""Health Risk", "Investments" and "Wealth Transfer" explain specific and measureable ways you'll benefit from utilizing my system.  "Communicate" is self-explanatory but, I believe, is often underestimated in its importance in helping you reach your goals.  "Balance To Life" summarizes how you'll feel when we work together.  And finally, "Why Me?" highlights what makes me different from other institutions and advisors.

 Guiding Principles

Health Risk


Four Step Process


Balance To Life


Wealth Transfer

Why Me?